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VDI 2073 Blatt 2 Hydraulic systems in building services - Hydraulic balancing

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Hydraulik in Anlagen der Technischen Gebäudeausrüstung - Hydraulischer Abgleich
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This guideline applies to the dimensioning of new, and verification, by calculation, of existing, distribution systems for heating and chilling in HVAC installations; its particular aim is the reproducible hydraulic balancing of an installation as planned. "Hydraulic balance" as stipulated in standards and ordinances is the generic term for a requirement to be met in dimensioning and adjusting of distribution systems, particular in hot-water heating systems. In a stricter sense it means ensuring the intended distribution of flows to handover locations (space-heating surfaces, chilling surfaces, heat exchangers and similar) by selecting proper piping and calculating and adjusting regulating resistances. In addition to ensuring the indispensable function "distribution of intended flows", it is a further aim to minimise the expenditure in heating and cooling energy for handover, and the pumping energy required for water circulation.

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