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VDI 2263 Blatt 7.1

Dust fires and dust explosions - Hazards - assessment - protective measures - Fire and explosion protection in spraying and drying integrated equipment - Examples

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Staubbrände und Staubexplosionen - Gefahren - Beurteilung - Schutzmaßnahmen - Brand- und Explosionsschutz an Sprühtrocknungsanlagen - Beispiele

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The guideline gives practical advice and possible solutions for the protection against fire and explosions in spray dryers. It describes the state of the art regarding the level of development of advanced processes, facilities or modes of operation that asures the practical suitability of a measure to protect the health and safety of employees. The guideline applies to measures for explosion protection in spray dryers, where flammable dust/air mixtures, steam/air mixtures or hybrid mixtures are present of may develop at normal use. This guideline gives both manufacturers and operators information for carrying out risk assessments and protective measures in the form of examples. The guideline requires the knowledge of the guideline VDI 2263 Part 7.

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