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VDI 2263 Blatt 9

Dust fires and dust explosions - Hazards - assessment - protective measures - Determination of dustiness of bulk materials

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Staubbrände und Staubexplosionen - Gefahren - Beurteilungen - Schutzmaßnahmen - Bestimmungen des Staubungsverhaltens von Schüttgütern

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The guideline VDI 2263 Part 9 describes a procedure for the determination of the dustiness of combustible dusts by practical simulation of dust formation processes (conveying, discharging, filling, loading/unloading, etc.). The procedure described yields a characteristic for the dustiness of dusts, which can be used in particular for the assessment of dust explosion hazards. This guideline neither describes a reference test procedure in accordance with DIN EN 15051 nor a routine procedure in accordance with DIN 33897-1 for the characterization of the dustiness and the ensuing health hazards at the workplace.

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