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VDI 2710 Blatt 2 AGVS check list - Planning support for operators und manufacturers of automated guided vehicle-systems (AGVS)

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FTS-Checkliste - Planungshilfe für Betreiber und Hersteller von Fahrerlosen Transportsystemen (FTS)
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Based on the fundamental guideline VDI 2510, the AGVS check list below is a first practical application. It contains a catalogue of all planning data relevant to the description of the planning task and the planning environment. This check list covers the information to be collected by the future operator of the AGVS in order to clarify for himself the planned AGVS application and its organisation, and to be able to give the manufacturer detailed information on the requirements regarding the materials handling technology. The completed AGVS check list will then allow the manufacturer to develop, in a first offer, a meaningful performance profile of the system. The AGVS check list states all items essential to the planning and ensures completeness of the conceptual design, is a condensed compilation of the data to start from and, therefore, an ideal tool for the first contact between operator and manufacturer, is the common basis for project planning and for commissioning of the system, defines the starting situation of the project, and can be used as an argumentation aid where irregularities or failures occur during system operation due to modified planning data.

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