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VDI 3405 Blatt 7 Additive manufacturing processes - Quality grades for additive manufacturing of polymer parts

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Additive Fertigungsverfahren - Güteklassen für additiv gefertigte Kunststoffbauteile
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard facilitates the specification of quality criteria and part properties of additive manufactured polymer parts by creating a system of quality grades. This improves the communication between providers and users of these parts. In the additive manufacturing processes relevant for polymers (VDI 3405), the part properties depend very heavily on the machine systems, the material and the process control used. In principle, the process control can be optimised for productivity or quality. These goals are in principle contradictory in the context of the performance of a specific machine. The quality grades listed in this standard help to illustrate differences in quality. The quality grades enable the user to define part specifications for manufacturing so they are practical. Along with the specification of the quality grades, this standard states which quality grades can be achieved with typical materials. Test specimens and their arrangement in the build space are specified (the related CAD data are included with the standard in the MAGICS format or as positioned STL data). The determination of the mechanical tensile properties, the dimensional accuracy and the part density with the aid of these test specimens is described to enable the assignment to quality classes for the respective parameters. The standard is aimed at providers of manufacturing services for polymer parts who use additive manufacturing machines and at the customers for these services. Designers of parts as well as buyers and providers of manufacturing services can specify, in a traceable manner, the required or the achievable level of quality with the aid of this standard.

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