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VDI 3432 - Draft Rotary draw bending machine

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The standard unifies the description of rotary draw bending machines with respect to specifications of their axes and assemblies. At the current state, uniform denominations and specifications are missing as technical reference for acquisition and operation of rotary draw bending machines. In contrast, specifications are often manufacturer specific. Hence, it is difficult for users to compare machines of different manufactures. This also makes it more difficult to operate rotary draw bending machines during setup, adjustment and maintenance, as machine operators have to work with different standards. For science and industry the standard provides a standard nomenclature and means for a uniform method for the evaluation of specifications. It achieves manufacturer-independent comparability and uniform language usage for both manufacturers and operators of rotary draw bending machines. The standard is intended for application on machines for the rotary draw bending process as described in VDI 3430.

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