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VDI 3633 Blatt 8 - Draft Simulation of systems in materials handling, logistics and production - Machine-oriented simulation - 3-D motion and process simulation

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Simulation von Logistik-, Materialfluss- und Produktionssystemen - Maschinennahe Simulation - 3-D-Bewegungs- und Prozesssimulation
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This standard represents a complete revision of the original issue from April 2007. Primarily, it aims for a significantly more application-oriented view of machine-oriented simulation systems and no longer at their development or the underlying modelling methods. Due to its great complexity, the latter is today largely in the hands of experts from industry and research and rarely relevant for the productive use of machine-oriented simulation. The standard completes the series of standards VDI 3633 to the extent that it describes the detailed treatment of the simulation of the behaviour of individual production systems and individual manufacturing processes and thus the greatest degree of detail within simulation methods of the entire series of standards. The standard supports active or potential users in the use of non-discrete simulation methods (e.g. FEM, CFD, geometrical-physical). It gives an overview of the efforts and the expected benefits when using simulation methods for 3D motion simulation and for various manufacturing processes.

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