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VDI 3824 Blatt 4

Quality assurance of PVD and CVD hard coating - Inspection planning of hard coatings

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Qualitätssicherung bei der PVD- und CVD-Hartstoffbeschichtung - Prüfplanung für Hartstoffschichten

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Materials Engineering
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Manufacturers and users are given an overview of the procedures for testing and checking basic properties of hard-coated parts. The document specifies procedures appropiate for testing specific properties. The execution and the evaluation of these procedures are described, including information on special features and problems that may be encountered in applying the respective procedure. The testing of optical, decorative, electrical, and other functional coatings which do not serve to protect from wearing or to reduce friction, is expressly excluded from the scope of this guideline.

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