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VDI 4075 Blatt 4 - Withdrawn without replacement Cleaner Production (PIUS) - Printing (sheet-fed offset)

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Produktionsintegrierter Umweltschutz (PIUS) - Druckereien (Beispiel Bogenoffsetdruck)
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The guideline gives an overview of the economic and ecological optimization measures to production-integrated environmental protection (PIUS) in printing. It is directed towards practical persons from printing works, which are familiar with the printing processes and the business course. PIUS has a special meaning in printing works, because it concerns production procedures there with high potential for energy and material savings as well as for the emission and waste reduction. The reduction potentials exist in particular in the areas printing preliminary stage, printing inks, printer cleaning, printers and paper handling. The guideline presents both simple and more sophisticated PIUS measures, so that many printers can profit from the proposals. The sheet-fed offset print is to the fore. However most of the specified PIUS measures are applicable also with other printing processes.

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