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VDI 4085 Blatt 1 - Draft Planning, construction and managing of scrapyards - Monitoring of iron and non-ferrous scrap on radioactive components

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Planung, Errichtung und Betrieb von Schrottplätzen - Überwachung von Eisen- und Nichteisenschrott auf radioaktive Bestandteile
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The standard specifies the requirements for testing iron and non-ferrous scrap for radioactive components. It specifies the state of the art for testing ferrous and non-ferrous scrap by measuring for radioactive components. It regulates the technical and organisational requirements for the testing of iron and non-ferrous scrap for radioactive substances by measurement, provides recommendations in connection with the evaluation of measurement results and the implementation of measures and quality management. The standard addresses operators of scrap yards and suppliers as well as processors of iron and non-ferrous scrap.

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