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VDI 4485 E-commerce and logistics

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E-Commerce und Logistk
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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German, English

The purpose of this guideline is, primarily, to analyse the factors influencing electronic commerce (e-commerce) and to outline the basic facts in order to create greater transparency so that, for example, mediumsized companies can be given an idea of the chances, risks and benefits of the use of e-commerce. In this context, more recent developments are taken into account and there is an outline of the influence of logistics and of relationship marketing on the quality of industrial supplier-customer relations in the area of procurement on electronic markets. This guideline does not deal with the technical implementation as, at the time of going to print, it is still not possible to make any binding, qualified statements with regard to a standard in the application of e-commerce systems. The guideline serves as an aid in the introduction of e-commerce solutions from the point of view of e-fulfilment and does not represent a complete description of all technical possibilities and circumstances as this would exceed the scope of the guideline.

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