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VDI 4494 Blatt 1 Outsourcing by example of contract logistics - Outsourcing decision

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Outsourcing am Beispiel der Kontraktlogistik - Outsourcing-Entscheidung
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Logistical activities are provided along the supply chain, procurement, production and/or trading, distribution and disposal, and include activities such as planning, procurement, import processing, storage of goods receipt, storage, retrieval, preservation, picking, packing, shipping and quality assurance. Outsourcing corresponds to the granting of business functions from one client to another. Outsourcing of logistics and value-added services is widely used in industrial practice and in literature a controversial issue. The standard is intended for users from the ordering and the contracting companies as well as consultants who often support an outsourcing project. In a compact, structured form, it is shown which sub-areas of an outsourcing project are to be considered in contract logistics and which are affected. In this standard, the "preliminary project", the outsourcing decision, is presented. It is explained, how the process for this service should be done from the outsourcing need through the decision making up to the tender.

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