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VDI 4498 Blatt 1 Supply chain management - Description of the mapping of the supply chain management within the company structure

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Supply-Chain-Management - Beschreibung der Abbildung des Supply-Chain-Managements innerhalb der Unternehmensstruktur
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard describes the definition and delimitation of supply chain management (SCM) in the area of procurement, material flow and production systems as well as in distribution; both from an organisational and operational perspective. Supply chain means the planning and management of all tasks in the coordination and cooperation of the involved suppliers, dealers, logistics service providers and customers. The standard clarifies and delineates by defining and unifying the concept of supply chain management. The subject SCM is technically processed. The focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides a recommendation on the SCM within the company structure in terms of parameters and figures (as a description), IT (planning instruments and programs) and controlling. SCM optimises overall costs. The supply chain is viewed from the customer's point of view, meaning looking on the supply chain or the process quasi from behind or backwards. Details such as risk management, inventories, availability and delivery reliability, portfolio management, etc. are also processed.

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