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VDI 6007 Blatt 1 Calculation of transient thermal response of rooms and buildings - Modelling of rooms

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Berechnung des instationären thermischen Verhaltens von Räumen und Gebäuden - Raummodell
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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The calculation method described in this standard serves as the basis for calculations of the instationary thermal response of rooms and buildings. It allows to calculate the loads and room temperatures taking into account the thermal characteristics of the components as well as their instationary response (adiabatic/non-adiabatic). The method, then, also allows to assess the thermal and building-physical properties of rooms and buildings. The standard limits itself to the specification of the calculation core. Further algorithms are only addressed insofar as their description requires further specification in order to achieve comparability of the results. The specific boundary conditions for a given task such as the calculation of the cooling load (VDI 2078) or the energy demand (VDI 2067) are given in the pertinent documents. The algorithms have been completed for the calculation of component cooling/heating to include exterior components.

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