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VDI 6220 Blatt 2 - Draft Biomimetics - Biomimetic design methodology - Products and processes

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Bionik - Bionische Entwicklungsmethodik - Produkte und Verfahren
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Technologies of Life Sciences
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The standard links biomimetic process models with the general product development process and locates biomimetic methods and procedures in the development process in terms of time and content. The standard is an addition to established standards for general product development and standards for the product development of special products. The standard for the development of biomimetic products can be used both for technically driven top-down processes (technology is looking for solution principles from nature) and for biologically driven bottom-up processes (biology opens up areas of application in technology), in which the mechanisms of action of a discovered natural phenomenon are to be converted into a technical solution principle. For both types of development, the standard provides a description of the necessary steps and an overview of suitable methods for the steps to be taken. The standard is therefore aimed at people from the areas of development, construction, application, people from industry, research, teaching and training as well as students who want to develop and use biomimetic products.

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