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VDI 6230 Blatt 1 - Draft Measurement of liquid tightness with air testing systems

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Messung der Flüssigkeitsdichtheit mit Luftprüfsystemen
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Sealing surfaces for facilities handling substances polluting water must be regularly inspected for leak tightness to ensure that substances polluting water cannot penetrate into the soil and groundwater. On existing facilities, sealing surfaces are considered to be impermeable and resistant to liquids, provided that no defects are detected by visual assessment. Visual assessment is always subjective and often difficult to perform. The application of this standard helps to detect and verify leaks in sealing surfaces using an air testing system. In particular, the air testing system makes it possible to identify leaks that would otherwise be difficult to detect visually. During air testing, a controlled overpressure is applied under the surface to be tested. Injected air that passes through the sealing surface to the surface is made visible on the surface by means of a foam-forming indicator. Air testing allows small- and large-sized sealing surfaces and their gaps to be tested for leakage quickly, nondestructively, and inexpensively. This standard is applicable for the air testing of AwSV-relevant and other sealing surfaces and includes all measures for the performance of the air test as well as the evaluation of the results. The target group for this standard are operators of AwSV facilities, authorities, expert organizations, WHG specialist companies and engineering offices that are active in the field of water protection and are affected by this topic.

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