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VDI/NCG 5210 Blatt 2 - Draft

Test guideline and test workpiece for the water jet cutting technology - Water jet cutting - Test workpiece for 3D processing

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Prüfrichtlinie und Prüfwerkstück für die Wasserstrahlschneidtechnik - Wasserstrahlschneiden - Prüfwerkstück für die 3-D-Bearbeitung

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The market for machines for water jet cutting technology has increased. The suppliers offer a variety of products that make it difficult to find the suitable machine for a certain application.The test work piece and the process of assessment for water jet cutting machines, which are described in this guideline show the main way to test a water jet cutting machine.The defined work piece shows the maximum results on the basis of an optimized water jet cutting system according to the criteria described by the specification of the manufacturer of the system (dimensional tolerances required for the evaluation of the work piece should be defined together by user and system manufacturers). It is limited to the technology of water jet cutting in 3D within abrasive water jet (pure water jet machining is also possible). The test work piece can also be used for multi-head machines. By measuring the test work piece, the accuracy of the tested machine can be classified. If the method is often used the test work piece also acts as a control unit in single or batch production with reproducible accuracy. This leads to statements about the properties and the accuracy, and also their variation over a period time.

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