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VDI/NCG 5211 Blatt 1 - Draft Testing guidelines and testing workpieces for high speed cutting (HSC) - Milling machines and machining centres for 3-axis machining

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Prüfrichtlinien und Prüfwerkstücke für hochdynamische Bearbeitungen (HSC) - Fräsmaschinen und Bearbeitungszentren für 3-Achs-Bearbeitung
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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This standard and the test workpiece and geometry elements defined herein are applicable to highspeed cutting processes using rotating tools with defined cutting edges. Today, high-speed machine systems with high accelerations and axis and rotational speeds are increasingly used for high-speed cutting. Such machines often work simultaneously in several axes, according to the application. For such machining methods, in particular, the old standard acceptance workpieces are inadequate for assessing the interaction between several high-speed axes. The defined workpiece described in the standard contains the essential geometry elements needed to compare and acceptance-test machines with respect to dynamic performance, machining speed and accuracy, such that the interaction between the individual components (e.g. axes) can be assessed. The end user is informed which machine characteristics are reflected in the various geometry elements of the acceptance workpiece.

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