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Testing guidelines and testing workpieces for high speed cutting (HSC) - Milling machines and machining centres for the 5-axis simultaneous milling

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Prüfrichtlinien und Prüfwerkstücke für hochdynamische Bearbeitungen (HSC), Fräsmaschinen und Bearbeitungszentren - 5-Achs-Simultan-Fräsbearbeitung

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Compared to pure 3-axis milling, the 5-axis milling offers a number of technological, geometrical and economic benefits. In addition to the multi-side machining of surfaces and contours in one set at 3-plus-2-axis machining the simultaneous five-axis machining has constant technological intervention conditions with positive effects on tool wear, dimensional accuracy, surface quality and process reliability. In 5-axis machining systems highly dynamic machines with high accelerations, axis speeds and orientation movements are used in many applications that require simultaneous multi-axis interpolation. For the first time, the described test workpiece of the standard allows to verify the simultaneous orientation of all axes. The test workpiece defines essential geometry elements and processing strategies that allow to compare and to review the overall system (machine and control) in terms of statics, dynamics, processing speed and accuracy. The user of the standard is given guidance, which properties are reflected in the geometric elements of the test workpiece.

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