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VDI/VDE 5596 Blatt 1 Optical design for manufacturing - Illumination optics, non-imaging and freeform optics: Optical design process

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Fertigungsgerechte Optikentwicklung - Beleuchtungsoptiken, nicht abbildende Optiken und Freiformoptiken - Optikdesignprozess
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Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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The standard describes the design process of polymer and/or freeform optics as well as the interfaces between the project partners. One central application field of these optics is lighting systems- especially based on LED technique- for the multiple application fields in street, building and room lighting. Polymer and freeform optics are also used in the automotive industry, in small devices with lighting elements and in many fields of technical optics like sensor and medical systems. The standard helps to structure the optical design process to make it more efficient. The standard describes the requirements to be specified as well as the critical interfaces between divisions and functions like: optics design and simulation, construction, industrial design, tool- and mould-making, moulding/optics manufacturing, raw material supply, application and/or integration of freeform optics and/or plastic optics. In order to avoid confusion, the Annex gives an overview of radiometric and photometric quantities.

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