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VDI 2892

Management of maintenance spare parts

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Spare parts are used to maintain the function and value of the machines and systems used. The need-based provision of spare parts is a major influencing factor for the availability and thus for the profitability of these machines and systems. The management of the spare parts of the maintenance (IH) is to be arranged as cost-effective as possible. The management of spare parts for maintenance (IET) differs significantly from conventional materials management. The standard presents the relationships between the spare parts system of maintenance. Therefore, this standard focuses on: objectives, responsibilities and prerequisites; selection of spare parts to be stocked; storage, inventory management and procurement (procedures and methods); provision of user-friendly spare parts directories; create feature-based reports and analyses; quality control; data processing; benchmark (key figures). The standard describes the main procedures and tools for planning, control and continuous improvement of spare parts management. The benefits of the standard come into play particularly when it is consistently applied to the setup or reorganisation of the spare parts maintenance departments.

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