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VDI 3972 Stockyards for bulk material - Processes and continuous conveying equipment

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Lagerplätze für Schüttgut - Verfahren und stetige Fördereinrichtungen
Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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Stockyards for bulk material serve for storage and/or preparation for subsequent processing. To this end, the stockyards are provided with conveying equipment and machinery for stacking and reclaiming. The guideline deals with the storage of bulk material in open and roofed stockyards. In the guideline dimensions and mass-flow data have been updated, and current stockyard layouts have been included. The guideline is a tool assisting in stockyard planning and design. In addition to the available surface areas and their layout, further criteria for the design of a stockyard are its intended use, the properties of the bulk material and operational requirements with regard to, e.g., blending, homogenising and mixing. The manifold options in terms of conveying equipment furthermore depend on the mode of operation, the specified availability, the quality of, e.g., mixtures and, last but not least, the investment cost.The guideline provides detailed information and useful descriptions concerning the design and arrangement of stockyards and their mechanical equipment, also taking heed of environmental protection.

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