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VDI 4438 - Entwurf Pipe conveyor - Design criteria, calculation and safety instructions

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Schlauchgurtförderer - Auslegungskriterien, Berechnung und Sicherheitshinweise
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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The standard presents the function of the pipe conveyor and describes its typical characteristics and features. The advantages and disadvantages are pointed out and compared with alternative belt conveyors. The complex design criteria must be taken into account so that pipe conveyors can be operated efficiently and effectively. Due to the large number of influencing factors, the project planning and design of a pipe conveyor is usually a complex process. In this process, the system parameters must be determined as far as possible, the layout defined and the core components specified. This process is supported by the application of this standard. In a separate section, the essential components of the pipe conveyor are listed and important information on component dimensioning is given. In order to carry out the power calculation for the drives, it is necessary to determine all loads and movement resistances. Here, the standard provides assistance and shows the physical relationships by means of calculation formulas. Based on the experience potential of the authors, a recommendation for commissioning is given and special features for operation and maintenance are pointed out. The standard is aimed at all decision-makers, planners and designers who plan, execute or modify a pipe conveyor. However, it is also aimed at component manufacturers, operators and maintenance companies who wish to obtain information on the general conditions, design criteria, safety requirements and special features during operation.

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