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VDI 4500 Blatt 2 Technical documentation - Organization and management

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Technische Dokumentation - Organisieren und Verwalten
Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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As an addition of the relevant standards, this guideline is characterized by the fact that the aspects mentioned are to be interpreted strictly process oriented. With the readers, an appropriate abstraction ability is presupposed, in order to be able to apply circumstances and examples to their own sphere of activity. In particular they must determine the selection of the documents in individual cases applicable for their task and situation. The completeness of the standard references in this guideline is not the goal a deviation, which a guideline committee may afford in the contrary to a technical editorship. To understand this guideline it is necessary to read in advance the VDI guideline 4500 part 1 concerned with the definitions and legal bases of the technical documentation. In particular, the sections concerning the responsibilities and the legal conditions, are relevant for organization and administration of technical documentation.

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