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Offer documents for the selling of complex technical products

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Angebotsdokumente im Vertrieb komplexer technischer Produkte

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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This guideline is intended for the use of manufacturers of machines, installations and equipment. The main emphasis is on the design of the offer document for a particular scope of supply and services in the solutions business. Typical characteristics of the associated offer process and offer document include (although not all of them need apply equally):- engineering costs incurred in processing the customer requirements or in preparing a customer-specific overall solution- requirement to clarify explicitly the benefits of this solution- structuring and classification of the offer on the basis of the scope of the offerThe recommendations are only suitable to a qualified extent for offers relating to relatively simple devices, components, or spare parts.The primary target group of this guideline is:- sales managers, marketing managers and other managers tasked with designing offers made by their company- employees in marketing or product management who participate in designing offers or in formulating text blocks or other constituent parts of the offer or who set up or introduce a sales-related product configurator- engineers and technicians who prepare offers independently and who design offer documents.

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