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Cumulative energy demand (KEA) - Terms, definitions, methods of calculation

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Kumulierter Energieaufwand (KEA) - Begriffe, Berechnungsmethoden

Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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In the course of technology assessment and evaluation, it has become more and more common to quantify and analyse products and services under aspects such as expenditures and impact on resources, including both energy consumptions and emissions. This provides comprehensive information for an environmental-compatible design and manufactureof products just as their use and disposal.This guideline assists in making energy technological data available and comparable within a uniform framework. It is confined to the aspect of balancing the cumulative energy demand which is among others in the ecological balance or LCA (life cycle assessment) one possible important characteristic value for an ecological assessment of the respective system under consideration.In the course of determining the cumulative energy demand of products and services one obtains a basis for the calculation of respectively indications on the related materials expenditures, the selection of materials and process technology with respect to energy criteria, the relevance of the treatment of used goods through energetic exploitation and disposal as well as through the recycling of parts, components or materials under energy aspects, the influence of the service life of energy consuming or energy converting economic goods (products and services) under energy aspects, and the emissions related to energy conversions during production, use and disposal.The cumulative energy demand allows the evaluation and comparison of products and services with respect to energy criteria. The data on the cumulative energy demand which can be quantified by means of this guideline form an important base in order to point out the priorities of energy saving potentials in their complex relationship between design, production, use and disposal.

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