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VDI 5200 Blatt 2 Factory planning - Morphological model of the factory for the target definition in the factory planning

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Fabrikplanung - Morphologisches Modell der Fabrik zur Zielfestlegung in der Fabrikplanung
Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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In factory planning projects, it is particularly important in the interest of project success to reach an agreement between the factory owner and the technical planners concerning the character of the new factory right at the very start. This standard describes a morphological model of the factory for the purpose of setting objectives in factory planning that is suitable for building a common understanding. To this end, the morphological model defines different design fields including design objects with their possible execution variants, including: a common understanding of the yet to be built factory between users, planners and owners (team building process right at the start of project); reduction of iterations in the planning process by providing clear and binding agreements in a heterogeneous and multi-disciplinary planning team (resulting in reduced coordination effort later in the project); discussion of alternative forms of expression and economic characteristics which influence the investment and operating costs; formulation of the qualitative goals such as transformation ability, level of technologising, flexibility, architectural look. This standard is intended for responsible persons working with the factory user and/or owner as well as factory planners and technical planners or persons involved in the execution of the factory planning or industrial construction project.

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