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VDI 5200 Blatt 4 Factory planning - Enhanced economic evaluation within factory planning

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Fabrikplanung - Erweiterte Wirtschaftlichkeitsrechung in der Fabrikplanung
Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produktion und Logistik
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In factory planning, decisions must be made between different planning alternatives with a view on the economy. The enhanced economic evaluation (EEE) supports this by making the evaluation of the profitability of individual variations quantifiable. For this, the business administration economic calculations are extended to the manufacturing planning. The defined terms and procedures are appropriate for the planning of factories in general and for the different cases "planning new construction", "Expansion", "restructuring" and "deconstruction". The standard is aimed at company-internal and external planners as well as orderers of factory planning projects. It supports a methodical planning and a targeted selection process of planning services, while the EEE is used with varying degrees. While at the end of a planning process, the selection of preference variation is in the foreground, the evaluation of planning alternatives is a key accompanying the planning task with increasing volume during the planning progress.

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