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VDI/VDE 3714 Blatt 1 Implementation and operation of Big Data application in the manufacturing industry - Implementation of Big Data projects

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Implementierung und Betrieb von Big-Data-Anwendungen in der produzierenden Industrie - Durchführung von Big-Data-Projekten
Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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Although the term "Big Data" has been used for several years, it continues to be associated with very different topics and aspects, and is discussed in a differentiated way in the social discussion. The ever-increasing progress of digital communication, the broadband expansion currently being implemented and the possibility of processing data virtually anywhere are spurring this discussion both in the public and in the professional world. The topics range from data protection and data security to general strategies for digital value creation in small and medium-sized enterprises and also for large enterprises. In the context of the standard, Big Data is about data analysis technologies. Appropriate algorithms and tools can provide insights into operational processes and contribute to their optimization. This requires the implementation of these methods and tools for the processing, analysis and interpretation of extensive and complex data in Big Data applications. The standard supports creators and users in the preparation, development, deployment and sustainable use of these applications. Ultimately, these Big Data applications should provide a more reliable basis for decision-making in order to improve products and production processes economically, ecologically and technically. This standard contributes to the preparation of the diversity of knowledge gained in recent years through research, development and practical work, and to support the development and use of Big Data applications in manufacturing industries and their use in regular operation. The standard uses the general phases of organizational process models to examine the planning, implementation and long-term safeguarding of the use of the Big Data application.

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