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VDI/VDE 4004 Blatt 1 Testing of networked i4.0 systems - Rough planning of distributed test processes

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Testen vernetzter I4.0-Systeme - Grobplanung verteilter Testprozesse
Engl. VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik
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What characteristics will sensors of the future need to have? How do components and industrial assemblies become "Industry 4.0 Components"? How can dynamically cooperating systems be tested in advance and inline? What does batch size 1 mean for testing and quality assurance? At present, it is an open question which interfaces and how much intelligence a single sensor, actuator or a complete system must have in the future. In addition, it has not yet been clarified how the communication capability required by Industry 4.0 can be tested in advance so that it is also sustainably secured. In a dynamic, networked environment, testing the correct function is a challenge. Changing environmental conditions due to ad-hoc networking, constant reconfiguration due to small batch sizes, and software updates in the field are indicators that testing will become increasingly important during operation. In order to structure the testing of such systems and thus ensure comprehensive testing, solutions for overcoming the challenges are presented and clarified by means of application cases. This offers orientation to the user when testing future automation systems.

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