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Isobionik Project

Rüssel - Handlingsassistent, Bildquelle: FESTO
Rüssel - Handlingsassistent, Bildquelle: FESTO


A central task of the ISOBIONIK project is to put biomimetics on the agenda as an object for international standardization with the goal of raising the profile of biomimetics. This will be achieved through globally accepted definitions and the specification of suitable criteria for distinguishing biomimetic products from the products of other specialized fields. This work will be coordinated by the new ISO technical committee ISO TC 266 Biomimetics. VDI 6220, which is published in English language in 2012, will be used as a basis for this work.

The members of interested circles are called upon to contact their corresponding national standardization organization

Formation of a new technical committee on the subject of biomimetics within the ISO framework.


Biomimetics, as an interdiciplinary field, has played a role in science and research for a long time now. On the basis fo the work within the VDI Society for Technologies of Life Sciences, globally recognized standards are now to be developed.


A total of four VDI Guidelines that have already been published as bilingual version and four additional VDI Guidelines that will be published in the course of 2013 will serve as basis for international stadardization activities. The DIN German Institute for Standardization, the national member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has submitted the proposal via its Standards Committee for Materials Testing to ISO for a new Technical Committee "Biomimetics". In the meantime, Germany holds the secretariat of ISO TC 266 and presents the conveyor.

International standardization to promote commercial application


Standardization is especially important for the successful transfer of biomimetic concepts to commercial applications. Standards, being the language of technology, can serve as an ideal bridge between research, development, and applications. In companies in particular, standardization plays an important role in business processes. Furhtermore, standardized processes help to represent procedures in research and development more precisely, which then makes it easier to estimate the time and expense required with greater accuracy.




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Members of 1st Meeting of ISO/TC 266 "Biomimetics" (photocredit: DIN)
Members of 1st Meeting of ISO/TC 266 "Biomimetics" (photocredit: DIN)

Members of 1st Meeting of ISO/TC 266 "Biomimetics" (photocredit: DIN)
Members of 1st Meeting of ISO/TC 266 "Biomimetics" (photocredit: DIN)