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Antimicrobial surfaces for infection prevention

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VDI Society Technologies of Life Sciences

This status report presents the current status of microbiological, biotechnological and material-based processes for the management of hygienically relevant surfaces. They are  evaluated with regard to their practical relevance. Recommendations are given for users and manufacturers.

In order to reduce the risk of pathogenic germs spreading via contact surfaces, antimicrobial technologies and materials are used in addition to measures for standard hygiene. Depending on the technology used and the chemical-physical possibilities of the components involved (material, active ingredient, impregnation process), the effectiveness of the surfaces against various microorganisms can be achieved either through the use of solid materials with intrinsic antimicrobial properties or through coating and impregnation with antimicrobial or anti-adhesive substances.

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Antimicrobial surfaces for infection prevention
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Dr. Andreas Herrmann
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