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Human Robotic Interaction - an introduction


Ask the expert -Human Robot Interactions

Welcome to Human Robot Interaction - an introduction event with Dr. Aziz Abubshait from the Italian Institute of Technology as an expert on the subject.

The event focuses on the most recent project of the lecturer “Robots as Social Agents”and is organised by the Forum für Informationstechnik and the VDI Zukunftspilotenof the BV Berlin-Brandenburg.

We will start with a short presentation of Aziz and highlights of his work where a certain focus is given on social aspects, opportunities, and threats not to forget. Together we will discuss questions, which are facing ones of the most current topics in the world of technology:

  • How can we understand socialness in non-social contexts?
  • Howdoes the future of HRI look like?
  • How can we research and investigaterecent topics in HRI?

In addition, we would appreciate questions that are submitted to us prior to the meeting. That which would help us to prepare a smooth event. As this is an introduction session, we will not get too specific or scientific. Nevertheless and dependent on your interests, further events with dedicated subjects of interest could be feasible.
In terms of content, the event is aimed at both VDI junior staff, the Young Engineers and members of the participating groups of interest (Arbeitskreise).

This session will be performed by a Zoom meeting. You will receive all necessary details right after registration (please press button "Anmeldung" and provide requested details. Welcome again and looking forward seeing you online!


Dr. Aziz Abubshait, Maria Schubring

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17:00 - 19:00 Uhr
Bezirksverein Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Bert Nawrotzki
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