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Mobility/Medical goes Additive - The VDI Students Competition 2023


We are pleased to invite you to Mobility/Medical goes Additive - The VDI Students Competition. The competition is carried out by the Association of German Engineers (VDI e.V.) in cooperation with the international network Mobility goes Additive e.V.

Requirements for your registration

You need to meet the following requirements to be able to take part in “Mobility/Medical goes Additive – The VDI Students Competition”:

  • your team consists of between three and eight students
  • the VDI supports gender equality - a mixed team of women and men is expressly desired
  • enrolled students only, no PhD students
  • at least three different courses of studies represented in the team guarantee an interdisciplinary approach
  • every team member needs to be a member of VDI, which is for free in the year of participation. Your are not a VDI member yet? Then you can test the membership for 12 months free of charge. Please register on the website www.vdi.de/mobility
  • each team needs to name a responsible professor at their university which ensures registration in finite numbers per university

Deadline for registration is 31 March 2023. A limited number of teams will get the possibility to take part in “Mobility/Medical goes Additive – The VDI Students Competition”.

Please note that the Covid19 restrictions applicable at the time of the event must be followed. Details of the restrictions will be announced prior to the event.


Auf einen Blick

21.04.2023 - 23.04.2023
10:00 - 16:00 Uhr
Fahrzeug- und Verkehrstechnik
Simon Jäckel
Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.
VDI-Platz 1
40468 Düsseldorf
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