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DIN EN 12619

Stationary source emissions - Determination of the mass concentration of total gaseous organic carbon - Continuous flame ionisation detector method; German version EN 12619:2013

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Emissionen aus stationären Quellen - Bestimmung der Massenkonzentration des gesamten gasförmigen organisch gebundenen Kohlenstoffs - Kontinuierliches Verfahren mit dem Flammenionisationsdetektor; Deutsche Fassung EN 12619:2013

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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
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The method specified in this European Standard is designed for use as a standard reference method.This European Standard specifies a set of minimum performance requirements for an instrument using flame ionization detection, together with procedures for its calibration and operation, for the measurement of the mass concentration of total gaseous organic carbon (TOC) and for solvent emissions total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) in stationary source emissions.This European Standard is suitable for the measurement of gaseous or vapour phase TOC and TVOC emissions such as emissions from waste incinerators and solvent using processes.The results obtained using this standard, are expressed in milligrams per cubic metre as total carbon (mg/m3). This standard is suitable for use in the range 1 mg/m3 up to at least 1000 mg/m3.This European Standard is not applicable for permanently installed AMS. For permanently installed AMS refer to EN15267-3.

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