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DIN ISO 12219-6

Interior air of road vehicles - Part 6: Method for the determination of the emissions of semi-volatile organic compounds from vehicle interior parts and materials at higher temperature - Small chamber method (ISO 12219-6:2017)

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Innenraumluft von Straßenfahrzeugen - Teil 6: Verfahren für die Bestimmung von schwerflüchtigen organischen Verbindungen aus Fahrzeuginnenraumausstattungsteilen bei höheren Temperaturen - Kleinprüfkammer-Verfahren (ISO 12219-6:2017)

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Engl. VDI/DIN-Kommission Reinhaltung der Luft (KRdL) - Normenausschuss
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This part of ISO 12219 describes a qualitative and quantitative analytical method for vapour-phase organic compounds released from car trim materials under simulated real use conditions, i.e. a vehicle is parked for several hours in direct sunlight. Under these conditions, some interior parts and materials reach higher temperatures than 65 °C (ISO 12219-4), e. g. a dashboard can reach temperatures up to 120 °C. This part of ISO 12219 is always an addition to ISO 12219-4 in order to complete testing within one day. This part is added to get an insight into the emission behaviour and emission potential of selected vehicle interior parts and materials exposed to higher temperatures. As a higher temperature, 100 °C is set by convention. The test is performed in small emission test chambers (small chamber). Small chambers are intended to provide a transfer function to vehicle level emissions. This method is intended for evaluating new car interior trim components but can, in principle, be applied to used car components. The specified analytical procedure for SVOCs and semi-volatile carbonyls is ISO 16000-6 and for applicable volatile carbonyl compounds is ISO 16000-3.

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