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VDI 2016 Blatt 2 - Draft

Strength verification of technical molded parts made of thermoplastics - Strength verification against static loads

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Festigkeitsnachweis von Bauteilen aus thermoplastischen Kunststoffen - Festigkeitsnachweis gegenüber statischen Belastungen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Materials Engineering
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The series of standards VDI 2016 describes the strength verification of components made of unreinforced and short-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. The series of standards provides methods for demonstrating the strength of the material or component. It is applicable to molded parts produced by primary forming manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, or by forming manufacturing processes of previously primary formed semi-finished products. The standard builds on the fundamentals of VDI 2016 Part 1 and is addressing static loads.

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