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VDI 2038 Blatt 2 Serviceability of structures under dynamic loads - Methods of analysis and evaluation in structural dynamics - Shock and vibration - prognosis, measurement, evaluation and reduction measures

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Gebrauchstauglichkeit von Bauwerken bei dynamischen Einwirkungen - Untersuchungsmethoden und Beurteilungsverfahren der Baudynamik - Schwingungen und Erschütterungen - Prognose, Messung, Beurteilung und Minderung
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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In this guideline all usability questions are treated regarding vibration and shock. It contains the methods for interpretation (calculation, prognosis) as well as the methods for condition of assessment (measurement) of building. Further the assessment of criteria of the usability was gathered and the possibilities described to the guarantee and/or improvement of the usability.

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