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VDI 2048 Blatt 2

Control and quality improvement of process data and their uncertainties by means of correction calculation for operation and acceptance tests - Examples, especially retrofit measures

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Kontrolle und Verbesserung der Qualität von Prozessdaten und deren Unsicherheiten mittels Ausgleichsrechnung bei Betriebs- und Abnahmemessungen - Beispiele, insbesondere Retrofitmaßnahmen

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The standard VDI 2048 Part 1 explains the basics of a procedure which enables the user to subject process and acceptance tests to direct quality control and to determine the probability of promised characteristics being fulfilled. This enables the user to be informed about the true state of the plant with the lowest possible degree of uncertainty. This standard provides examples with a practical orientation dealing with the determination of covariances, provides help in programming and, with the aid of a practical example, shows how the procedure is applied. The retrofit example clearly demonstrates the necessity of taking covariances into consideration if results with a high statistical certainty are to be obtained. It is included on the enclosed CD-ROM in form of a demonstration program.

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