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VDI 2050 Blatt 1.1 Requirements for technical equipment rooms - Space for service shafts

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Anforderungen an Technikzentralen - Platzbedarf für Installationsschächte
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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The standard was motivated by the significance of a cost-efficient and technically proper execution of installations of building services (BS) systems in the vertical infrastructure of buildings. Problems arise often between the various trades in the planning, preparation of specifications for the design, the correct statement of the tendered services in consideration of legitimate requirements for additional remuneration due to increased assembly costs. For object planners the basic evaluation for the planning of buildings and their technical facilities are often lacking detail on minimum gross area requirements and/or minimum net area requirement of the installation areas. Therefore, necessary clearance for the use of tools, or to be considered measures of handling and for brackets in addition to the insulated pipe cross section often result to supplements in the assembly planning because of more difficult working conditions. Compensating for this, spaces for shafts are specified in this standard. The application of this standard helps to ensure a reasonable space planning in accordance with the acknowledged rules of technology.

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