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VDI 2057 Blatt 2 Berichtigung - Withdrawn without replacement

Human exposure to mechanical vibration - Hand-arm vibration - Corrigendum concerning guideline VDI 2057 Part 2:2002-09

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Einwirkung mechanischer Schwingungen auf den Menschen - Hand-Arm Schwingungen - Berichtigung zur Richtlinie VDI 2057 Blatt 2:2002-09

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The aim of the guideline is to provide general instructions on determining the exposure resulting from hand-transmitted vibration and to supply a standardized procedure for assessing this vibration exposure. On the basis of the physical data of the vibration measurements (and taking the frequenca-dependent effect into consideration) the root-mean-square value ahw of the frequency-weighted accelation is formed as a varible characterizing vibration exposure. The guideline will not provide any limit values for the acceptability or admissibility of vibration exposures. However, Section 6 and Annex D do include guideline values and some information for asessing the exposure to hand-transmitted vibation with respect to the expected effects on the individual.

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