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VDI 2078

Calculation of thermal loads and room temperatures (design cooling load and annual simulation)

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Berechnung der thermischen Lasten und Raumtemperaturen (Auslegung Kühllast und Jahressimulation)

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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This standard serves to determine the cooling load, room air temperature and operative room temperature for rooms of all types with and without air-conditioning, taking into account all relevant parameters influencing the thermal response of the room. Installation components affecting thermal response, such as mechanical or natural-draught ventilation and surface heating or cooling, are an integral part of the calculation method not requiring approximations any more. The method has been enhanced significantly with respect to the previous version, e.g. with respect to the coupling between thermal calculation, mode of operation, active installation components and control strategies. Furthermore, an extension and completion of the compatible meteorological data has been achieved, the scope was extended to cover all types of buildings with and without air-conditioning, component cooling and window ventilation. The latter allows calculations serving to demonstrate compliance with summertime insulation requirements. The calculation core for this standard is described in VDI 6007 Part 1, the window model in VDI 6007 Part 2, providing former missing sunshade information.

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