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VDI 2083 Blatt 15 Cleanroom technology - Personnel at the clean work place

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Reinraumtechnik - Personal am Reinen Arbeitsplatz
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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Part 15 of guideline VDI 2083 covers the requirements for personnel and their clothing in relation to the cleanroom. Furthermore, indications on training for behaviour in the cleanroom as well as means of verification are given. Particle contamination caused by personnel can be effectively reduced by cleanroom garments, training and work place organisation. The purpose of this guideline is to discuss such measures for keeping possible interference caused by the "human contamination factor" within prescribed limits. Annex A applies to cleanroom trainings in accordance with the requirements of VDI 2083 Part 15. It specifies minimum requirements regarding the contents of training courses and the qualification of the trainers. Further learning contents not covered by this guideline may be added to the training programme so as to suit the needs of special areas of technology. Examples of such additions, specific to certain branches or subjects, can be found in Annex C through Annex F. The outline conditions are specified for performing the training and for the final examination.

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