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VDI 2121 Motion transmission through four-member plane articulated gearboxes - Dimensional synthesis for general layer assignments - Gear unit designs with two swivel joints at the coupling link

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Bewegungsübertragung durch viergliedrige ebene Gelenkgetriebe - Maßsynthese für allgemeine Lagenzuordnungen - Getriebebauformen mit zwei Drehgelenken am Koppelglied
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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The standard presents basic aspects of the dimensional synthesis of mechanisms and the practical application of appropriate procedures. Presented graphical constructions can also be implemented directly in available programs for computer-aided geometry processing with variable specifications for fast running through of possible solution variants. Also the mathematical solution of the same problems is shown. The synthesis formulas prepared for this purpose, ready for programming, can be taken directly into own program developments or available mathematical software and then combined there with the analysis formulas for an immediately following complete kinematic analysis of each interpreted design variant. Finally, the annex contains control numerical values for all given analysis and synthesis formulas for a quick check of the correct adoption in own software developments. This standard can be used in the development and design of four-link mechanisms, which are used in various areas of mechanical and equipment engineering, in particular e.g. in processing and packaging machines or handling systems.

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