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VDI 2123

Planar mechanisms - Transfer of an input rocker motion into an output rocker motion with regard to optimum transmission angle

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Ebene Gelenkgetriebe - Übertragungsgünstige Umwandlung einer Antriebs-Drehschwingbewegung in eine Abtriebs-Drehschwingbewegung

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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This standard supports the design of machines with an oscillating functional element, where the movement can be derived from another oscillating movement in the machine. The four-bar linkage is suitable for this purpose as the simplest mechanical structure. In the application, different properties of the motion transmission can be taken into account, such as stroke increase or decrease, transmission quality and influencing the course of the motion of the functional element. In particular, dead positions can be used to achieve a safe end position of the functional element, possibly with a high output torque or to reduce the shock sensitivity. Applications can be found in actuators, slow movements, manually operated devices, machines for road construction, agriculture and high-speed machines for mass production.

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