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VDI 2143 Blatt 1 - Draft

Motion rules for cam mechanisms and motion control systems - Theoretical fundaments

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Bewegungsgesetze für Kurvengetriebe und Motion-Control-Systeme - Theoretische Grundlagen

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The design of demanding motion tasks is a cross-industry topic. The standard, revised and expanded for the first time since 1980, provides engineers and software developers with a primary and structured approach to the mathematical formulation of motion tasks for cam gears and motion control systems. Based on the section-based examination of complex motion sequences described here, their standardised representation and the application of optimal motion principles for freely designable transitions between specified points or sections of a motion sequence, the user receives a comprehensive theoretical overview in order to build on this to optimally solve more advanced tasks, which are often outlined with the term "motion design", with the aid of various software programs.

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