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VDI 2230 Blatt 1 Systematic calculation of highly stressed bolted joints - Joints with one cylindrical bolt

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Systematische Berechnung hochbeanspruchter Schraubenverbindungen - Zylindrische Einschraubenverbindungen
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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The standard is a national and international recognised standard to calculate highly stressed bolted joints. The standard deals with the calculation of centric and eccentric braced bolted joints. Emphasis is placed on the general theoretical relationships between forces, moments and deformations and derives the corresponding calculation relationships. The calculations are based on the assumption that the strained cross-sections remain plane. Selected examples illustrate the calculation process. As a support for the calculation the related screw calculation software based on the standard VDI 2230, available from the Beuth Verlag, can be used.

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