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VDI 2242 - Draft Ergonomic design of technical products

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Ergonomiegerechte Gestaltung technischer Erzeugnisse
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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung
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Ergonomics emanates from the people, their properties, abilities, skills and needs, while dealing with the relationship between people and technical products. With the knowledge of ergonomics it can be achieved by appropriate design to adapt the technical product to human needs. Effectiveness, efficiency and humanity can be realised together in a technical way. The abilities of people should be effective in the best way by the product, taking into account their physical performance limitations, both temporary (e.g. by illness or accident) and permanent (e.g. due to old age). Scope of this standard is the construction and design of technical products of all kinds. Every technical product has object relations to people, meaning ergonomic aspects, whether it is a machine, a tool, a computer, a facility, a building, a sports equipment or a toy. People have to deal with this object directly or indirectly. This user perspective is the basis of an ergonomic product design. Target group of this standard is all persons responsible for the planning, development and design of technical products.

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