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Workplace air - Reduction of exposure to air pollutants - Legal principles, terms and definitions, basic organisational measures for industrial safety and environmental protection

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Luftbeschaffenheit am Arbeitsplatz - Minderung der Exposition durch luftfremde Stoffe - Rechtliche Grundlagen, Begriffe, grundlegende organisatorische Maßnahmen für den Arbeitsschutz und Umweltschutz

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik
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The guideline gives planners, manufacturers and operators of technical installations information on the reduction of exposure to air pollutants at the workplace using air-conditioning and organizational tools. The guideline presents an overview of the legal bases and terms and definitions as well as fundamental organizational measures. Furthermore, the guideline points out the prerequisites to be taken into account. Given the wide variety of operational conditions all configurations possible in industry and trades cannot be treated; the guideline provides generic guidance and approaches for effective, yet affordable solutions. The measures described and recommended can be used for annoying as well harmful substances. For the purposes of this guideline this concerns all gases, fogs, smokes and dusts emitted in the course of a production process.

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