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VDI 2263 Blatt 5.1

Dust fires and dust explosions - Hazards, assessment, protective measures - Explosion protection in fluid bed dryers - Hints and examples of operation

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Staubbrände und Staubexplosionen - Gefahren, Beurteilung, Schutzmaßnahmen - Explosionsschutz bei Wirbelschichtanlagen - Hinweise und Ausführungsbeispiele für Herstellung und Betreiber

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Engl. VDI-Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt
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The standard is applicable for explosion protection measures for fluidised bed spray granulators, fluidised bed dryers and fluidised bed coating installations in which flammable dust/air mixtures, vapour air/air mixtures or hybrid mixtures may appear. This standard provides information and examples for both manufacturers and owners on how to realise risk assessments and protective measures. The standard is applicable only in conjunction with the standard VDI 2263 Part 5.

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